2015 Ironman World Championship Race Report

The 2015 Ironman World Championship race in Kailua-Kona on October 10, 2015 was the greatest personal test. Rolled into one, for different reasons, it was the best and the worst race of my life. Never before have I felt so strong, so ready, so eager, so fit, so mentally prepared for a race I knew […]

Connor running alongside me mile 3


2015 Ironman World Championship: Giving Back

Friends, family, and followers: Your endless support has meant the world to me. I often think that successes I’ve been fortunate to own have nothing to do with me at all. Giving back is a not a choice, its a responsibility. Your support for one of my favorite organizations has both personal and professional significance. I truly appreciate […]

Pre-race IM Frankfurt and Race Dedication

  This weekend’s race at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt, Germany has been a mirage in the distance for the past six months. Two years ago, my coach, Dr. Phil Skiba, and I committed to developing a first time plan to qualify for the Kona World Championship in 2015. Realizing the 2015 race date, […]



St. George 70.3: “I’m Glad You Kept Going.”–Shea, Age 8.

IM 70.3 St. George. So…I raced yesterday. It hurt. That’s ok. Everyone was hurting. Ninety six degrees on one of the most difficult bike/run courses in the world, with Olympians, World Champions, Triple Crown winner, champs, champs, more champs at the North American Pro Championship race, in St. George, UT.   Swim: Fine. Actually the […]

Two Trials and a Triumph: Part III, The Triumph.

Triumph: “To gain a victory; be victorious; win.”   The title of this blog series is “Two Trials and a Triumph.” I’ve written about the two trials—with the first more ‘trialing’ than the second. Now its time for the triumph which occurred in Brasilia, Brazil on April 5th, 2015 at the Ironman 70.3 Latin American Pro […]